4.6 out of 5

Superior comfort & stretch

Meet the knitted shirt: our most iconic creation, made of 100% cotton in a fine piqué knit, allowing it to be stretchy, easy care and super breathable.

Odour Repellent

Stain repellent

Stretch cotton

Wrinkle free

My perfect shirt

I have been in search for the perfect shirt. I have tried many brands, some were good, many not but none was THE shirt. Until I tried the knitted shirt form Labfresh. Perfect fit, comfortable like a t-shirt but stylish as a traditional business shirt.

Job W.


Perfect, I was a bit sceptic at first but everything that is promised is delivered! Awesome fit and great material.


Absolutely great experience

Absolutely great experience. Bought my first Labfresh two weeks ago and worn it two days last Christmas. No smell, no sweat and no stains (even though I used it while cooking a stew!). The knitted one has such a nice fabric.


As seen in

A shirt that doesn’t stain
or smell?

A shirt that doesn’t stain or smell?

We can’t get over it, either. Our FreshCore™ technology is some seriously futuristic stuff.

We can’t get over it, either.
Our FreshCore™ technology is some seriously futuristic stuff.

Stain Repellent

Technology in the fibers ensures stains are absorbed less. That means less washing, which benefits the longevity of the item and our planet.

Odour repellent

The antibacterial properties kill odour-causing bacteria. Our customers wear our products 3.6 days on average before washing.

Stretch cotton

Made of cotton and stretch for ultimate comfort.

Made in EU

This product is made in Europe.

100.000 happy customers and counting

4.6 out of 5

Clothes of the future

I am a big fan of labfresh's business clothing. It is comfortable and of good quality.

When I didn't know the exact size of my clothes, I was very well advised by customer service and they recommended the right size for me.

Still very grateful for this!


A refreshingly different ethos

A refreshingly different ethos which has brought to market tall length trousers and shirts made in super long life fabrics.


High quality

Great speed in sending out the products. I like the shirts especially for their quality and their feel-good fitting. Breathable fabrics and water-repellent are something special today.
The online-customer support is top notch, very friendly and lets you leave satisfied.
I will buy here again 100%.
Keep up the good work, guys!


Amazing company

Amazing company. Great innovative products, great quality and great costumer service. After the order you have the product within a day in your mailbox. Questions are always answered correctly and super friendly within a few hours. An example for every company.


Great product that performs as promised

I wore this shirt for 3 days on a long business trip and still felt fresh. It saved me enough luggage space so I only had to take hand luggage. The fabric is good quality, it has an impressively good fit and looks nice.

Unfortunately there were some small defects but this was solved within a few hours after contacting customer service. I would say Labfresh has one of the best customer service experiences you can wish for.


It’s time to ditch your old shirts and fall in love with LABFRESH shirts!

Wear multiple days
without washing

wash after every wear

stain & odour

long lasting &

made in europe

your average



Got questions? We’ve got answers

What is our FreshCore™ technology?

Our products are made with FreshCore™ technology, which is a unique treatment mix of performance enhancing technologies. Read all about it here or check out the frequently asked questions below.

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