Stay fresh all day

Antibacterial fabric keeps you odour-free and stain-free longer.

made for life

Non-iron, stretchy materials combine style and sportswear comfort.


Durable clothes you wear more,
wash less and keep forever.

A shirt that doesn’t stain, wrinkle, or smell?

Discover the power of our FreshCore™ technology. It's some seriously futuristic stuff.

How it works

A fresher take on sustainability

When your clothes stay clean longer, it saves water, energy, and the frustration of having to stress-buy yet another white shirt on the go. Kinder on the planet, kinder on your wallet!

Buy less, wear more

Don’t just take our word for it

At this moment, 100,000 LABFRESH customers in 98 countries are pulling off the impressive triple whammy of working hard, playing hard, and staying fresh.

What they say

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