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This undershirt is engineered to offer next-level confidence. Sweat resistant and antibacterial, so less visible sweat stains or unpleasant sweat smells.

Available in:
White | Khaki

the sweat proof undershirt

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Invisible under a shirt

The undershirt is invisible when wearing under a shirt thanks to the wide v-neck.


Thanks to extra padding in the armpits sweat stains are minimised.

Odour repellent

The antibacterial properties kill odour-causing bacteria. Our customers wear our products 3.6 days on average before washing.

Bio-based & recycled

Partially made of environmentally responsible Tencel®: dissolved wood pulp from the eucalyptus tree (from PEFC certified forests). Packaging made of recycled polyester.

Don't just take our word for it

At this moment, 100,000 LABFRESH customers in 98 countries are pulling off the impressive triple whammy of working hard, playing hard, and staying fresh.


When your clothes stay clean longer, it saves water, energy, and the frustration of having to stress-buy yet another white shirt on the go. Kinder on the planet, kinder on your wallet. Ka-ching! 

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